Naranga Kizhi

Kizhi is done with warm herbal bags after an oil therapy from head to toe with Ayurvedic oils. The ingredients for Naranga kizhi includes Lemon, Satakuppa, Mustard seeds. A special preparation of lemon is made and that is tied in the linen cloth and made into a bundle, it is heated and massaged over the body. This is very good for relieving spasm and stiffness of muscles, lubricating the joints, strengthening the spinal muscles and relieving joint pain especially backache.

There are many blood vessels in the skin of the body. These vessels give nutrition to the cells and receive the waste materials from the cells. External pressure increases the capacity a lot. Along with this pressure, heat and the touch of vital points will rejuvenate the pulse. Lot of waste materials will go out through the skin through sweating during this time.

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